Welcome back after the half term holidays – the next stop is Christmas!

The children all seem to be full of beans and it is going to be a really enjoyable second half of term. We also welcome back Mrs Robinson to Class 2, just in time for the Christmas chaos!

Clubs will resume too from next week.

Monday: Homework club (Mr Brabant)

Gymnastics (Y1/2) (Mrs Robinson)

Tuesday: Arts and crafts for Y3/4/5/6 (Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Ireland, Ms Houseman)

Wednesday: Junior Sports club (Mrs Goodfellow)

Thursday: KS2 Lego club (Mr Brabant)

Friday: Gymnastics (Y5/6 for now) (Tony Storey, Carley Ringer)

All clubs run until 4pm, except Friday Gymnastics which will run until 4:15pm

A few dates for the diary –

2nd November – Charities Fair

13th November – Bags to School and KS2 @ Jodrell Bank

15th November – Children in Need

21st November – Nasal flu vaccinations

2nd December – Village Christmas Tree lighting

7th December – Christmas on the Green and Christmas Fair

10th December – Christmas production (afternoon)

11th December – Christmas production (evening)

13th December – Booths carol singing

17th December – Village Carol Service

18th December – Christmas lunch

19th December – R –Y6 @ Blackpool for “Horrible Christmas”

20th December – 10:00am Carol service and end of term (1:30pm)

Tuesday 7th January – return to school

Any questions, then please see me at any time.

Best wishes,

Simon Brabant