Financial Transparency 

Individuals Earning more than £100,000

There are no individuals at Storth CE School earning more than £100,000

The requirement to publish individuals earning more than £100k in £10k bandings is not expected to impact on many maintained schools. However, the simple statement and table below can be used to publish this data on school websites:

The number of individuals whose earnings (excluding employer pension costs) exceeded £100,000 in 2020-21 was:

Range Number
In the band £100,000 – £110,000-  none
In the band £110,001 – £120,000- none
In the bank £120,001 – £130,000 etc – none

For clarification, earnings consist of gross pay and expense allowances (such as relocation allowances but excluding reimbursement for parking fees or mileage claims). It excludes employer and employee pension contributions.

Legislation that makes this a requirement will be included in amending regulations to come into force on 1st January 2021 and annually thereafter. “The school’s annual income and expenditure can be viewed on the Department for Education’s Consistent Financial Reporting webpage here.”


The link below will take you to the Government information on ‘Financial Benchmarking’