Our School Vision


Everything is Possible


Storth Church of England Primary School is a happy and welcoming community, where everyone is included, valued and supported to reach their potential as we learn and laugh together. Through our Trust in God, we believe that everything is possible, doing all that we can to care for, help and love each other.

Jesus said, ‘for God everything is possible’

Matthew 19.26


Our School  Values

We believe everything is possible when we:

  • persevere

  • hope

  • love

  • respect

  • trust

  • forgive


Our School Prayer



Loving Lord,

we trust and know that with you everything is possible,

thank you for our family at Storth School,

for our laughing and learning together, and for being with us each day..

Forgive us when we make the wrong choices,

help us to look after your world,

and give us grace to love and care for one another.