Ofsted 2022 Report

Click here to download the Stortth CofE School Ofsted 2022 documen

I am delighted to be able to share our latest Ofsted report with you all. We were inspected on July 12th just before the end of term and spent a very long and very hot day talking about the school; whilst lessons were observed and groups of children interviewed.

I am very proud to be able to tell you that Ofsted continues to regard Storth School as a ‘Good’ school and will not make a follow-up inspection for at least four years. They have asked us to look at more subject training in non-core areas which we will of course ensure happens.

The school’s success is down to you as parents, and of course the children themselves. Your continued support was highlighted by the inspectors with 100% of parents (who took the survey) saying they would recommend the school to others. The staff and I cannot thank you enough for this very re-assuring vote of confidence and will ensure we build upon what we have put in place.