Torchlight Procession

Friday 27th September 2019

We are looking forward to seeing you at Torchlight on Friday evening. Details about the event are below. Please read them carefully as there are some slight changes from previous years.

Our float will be located at Kendal Leisure Centre or outside the Leisure Centre on Burton Road. Our float is Number 3, and so will probably leave from the Leisure Centre car park. If you unable to locate our float, please proceed to the Leisure Centre Sports Hall where there will be marshals who can assist you.

Road closures are effective from 6:30pm. Please remember you cannot park at the Leisure Centre. Asda car park is close by.

For safety reasons, can all children be at our float, ready to go (dressed, toileted etc.), no earlier than 7pm but in good time for the procession’s departure at 7:30pm.

All children are to be on the float for the start of the procession- we cannot drop off or pick up en-route.

All children in Mrs Ireland’s class (Reception and Nursery) must been accompanied on the float by an adult.

All other children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, adults may join children on the float or walk behind the float.

If you are unable to stay with your child during the procession then you must check Simon Brabant has your contact number before you leave. You must also make sure you are back to collect your child from the Leisure Centre by 9pm approx.

Any of the adults (children must be on the float) that are walking behind the float need to meet at our float no later than 7pm – the walkers will then be asked to congregate at Kirkbie Kendal School. Once the procession begins the walkers will be reunited with our float at the roundabout. This is because the Leisure Centre car park will be busy with articulated lorries.

Preparations for the float are looking fabulous and we want this to be a great evening for everyone in our school family.

A big thank you to everyone that has helped make the decorations and donated items to use on the float.

Many thanks

The PTA Team