PTA Meeting Monday 10th June 2019 7pm @ The Ship Inn

Present: R. Boyd, T. Bellamy, S. Brabant, L. Duff, L. Scott , G. Spencer, T. Shepherd, K. Lenton, R. Thompson

Apologies: K. Salt, H. Williams, J. Buchanan, C. Colquhoun, A. Hine, G. Drinkall, , P. Pearson, , S. Goodfellow, N. Parker, S. Ansell, J. Procter

Agenda –


Next collection will be on Thursday 11th July 2019, all donations to school by 9am please

Children’s Sponsored Run:

Friday 14th June 3pm

Sponsor money to be in as soon as possible please, 38 children confirmed

Change of clothes, towel

Refreshments GD/GS/KL JB after the run

Auction of Promises:

Saturday 6th July 2019 – 6.30pm doors open with auction starting at 7pm

Family, friends, work colleagues all welcome!!

Set up from 12pm on the day – as much time as people can give would be hugely appreciated to help make this event a big success for the school
Flyers/Posters/Letters/Social Media all ongoing to promote the event
Chorley Raffle will be done by Chris the auctioneer at the beginning – £10 a ticket as a number of the prizes including the biggies will be within the winning bundle
Catalogue GD/LD ongoing (100 to be printed)
School Film – to be shown and DVD’s sold for a £5 donation (projecter/electric needed – SB)
Generator’s – RT/CC or has anyone got one to loan please?
Float – RB
Food – burgers/sausage/veggie burgers £2.00 Pan of onions (PP) Napkins (RB/LS)
Alcohol and soft drinks – RB/LS
Glasses – LS (idea of Storth School engraved glasses to buy and keep on night for drinks to be looked into – RT)
Children’s Sweets Stall (and drinks) – GS
Buckets of sand and notices re smoking (off field) – GS
Marquee/tables – from No 17 with table cloths, flower arrangements (GS Mum and will auction at the end of evening or give as thank you’s), bunting – anyone got any to lend please?
BBQ – SB/NT/RG/NJ and any other helpers on the night to give breaks
BAR – Sarah/Tina/Louisa/Helen/Kate/Beth – helpers again needed on the night for breaks
Price lists – LS/RB chalkboard
Payment detail slips – to put on tables with bank details (SB school to do?)
DJ Wendy for O+A Entertainments – children’s disco first then after auction adults disco (KS)
PA System – school’s (SB)
Hammer and Lectern – (SB)
Thank you gifts – bouquets or booze for Chris (LS to get), Louise (No 17 voucher), Wendy (bottle?)

Many hands make light work – end of evening and Sunday morning helpers will be needed to ensure Heron Hall and park are all tidy and clean by 10.30AM


Monday 9th September 2019 3.30pm at school

Everyone welcome!!!!