PTA Meeting Minutes 21/ 04/ 21

PTA Meeting 21/4/21 7.30 pm Virtual Zoom Meeting

Present: R.Boyd, K.Lenton, L.Scott, S.Brabant, T.Bellamy, H.Hollows, G.Drinkall, J.Buchanan, S.Anstell, R.Thompson, G.Spencer, K.Salt,

Apologies: L.Duff, L.Wilks, K.Stonehouse, S.Goodfellow, J.Procter

1. Finances: Balance is healthy £5797.34
2. In September/ October 2021 the PTA will hold its AGM– at this, the new committee will be voted in. There are 4 main roles on the committee and these roles need to be filled – to fulfil the requirements of the Charity Commission.

Chair/ Vice-Chair / Secretary and Treasurer. K.Lenton (Chair) & R.Boyd (Secretary) will be leaving PTA as their children will be going into year 7. L.Scott will also be stepping down after many years of being the Treasurer. Although there are these 4 roles to fill, the PTA is a team, and it takes a team to make it work and achieve great things for the benefit of the children. We hope that you will consider joining us. We meet every couple of months throughout the year and pre covid we have run some great events and raised lots of money.
3. Amble Holiday Cottage Prize Draw – the squares board is filling slowly. Each numbered square is £5 and the board has been outside school each day. It is also advertised on the Friends of Storth School Facebook page. To ask L.Duff if she will make a poster for the draw to give it one last push. It will be drawn on Wednesday 19th May 2021. Needs another push on social media and posters to be put up on the school noticeboard and outside Storth shop.
4. Bags2school – recycling scheme. The next collection date is 8th July. There is no storage at school therefore bags to be brought in no earlier than the 7th of July.
5. May the Force – Tuesday 4th May – Star Wars dress-up day (optional – non-uniform) £1 per child – all funds for PTA. K.Salt will write an email and send it to Mrs Barker for distribution to everyone.
6. My School Fund – new fundraising scheme – L.Scott/ K.Lenton will have a read and see if this is worth signing school up for. It will need to be registered to someone that will be in school next year. They will feedback at the next meeting.
7. S.Ansell – asked about PTA funds to be spent on new resources for Forest Schools. Mrs Ratcliffe/ S.Brabant and Di to discuss what they would like and let PTA know. Everyone agreed that this would be money well spent.
8. G.Spencer – spoke about an Icecream Cart being outside the school on a Friday (? How often) – she spoke about how successful this has been at other schools – Ice cream cart selling affordable ice creams/ lollies after school and profit going to PTA funds. Ice cream freezer available @ Heron Hall? could borrow this. Gen is happy to take this forward.
9. K.Salt has now taken on managing Easyfundraising/ Bags2school/ Recycle for charity.
10. G.Spencer – continues to run the School Uniform Shop.
11. ? in the near future, an opening of the new classroom – PTA could run a small raffle. Need to purchase a couple of prizes – L.Scott to organise. R.Boyd will buy some raffle tickets books.





Wednesday 19th May 8pm – In the school grounds.

This is weather dependent and social distancing must be maintained in accordance with the current Covid restrictions.

This may be changed to another virtual meeting if guidance changes/ or the weather is shocking!!!