PTA Meeting 19/05/2021 8 pm

Present: R Boyd, K Stonehouse, H Hollows, K Shepherd, K Lenton, L Duff, L Scott, S Brabant, S Goodfellow, T Bellamy, R Thompson, K Salt.

Apologies: A Hine-Johnson, J Procter, G Spencer, A Peter, P Pearson, G Drinkall, G Higginbotham.

1. Amble Holiday Cottage Raffle was drawn using a random number generator. The winner is Kate & Ben Lenton. Congratulations and thank you to everyone that bought a ticket. A big thank you to Jenny and Andrew Skinner for donating this fabulous prize. Grand Total Raised £860.

2. May the Force Day – this raised £80 – the money has been left with school to spend therefore not put into the PTA accounts.

3. PTA to pay for the coaches for the Zoo School trips at a cost of approx. £700

4. School now has 4 x iPhone and 1 x iPad which have been funded by PTA – costing £1393.95. These will be used for taking photographs whilst out and about / trips/ residentials/ tapestry. It is a safe way for taking and storing pictures for school.

5. PTA to fund new bike helmets at a cost of up to £250.00

6. Year 6 Leavers treat will as always be funded by PTA – the cost of this is yet to be confirmed / as is the date of this trip.

7. Mr Brabant has asked PTA to fund a trip to the theatre in Sept 2021 – Horrible Histories in Carlisle.

8. Forest Schools have asked for PTA to fund new fencing around the forest school area in the school grounds / Nature Garden.

9. Edging around the Adventure trail needs replacing – school are getting prices and PTA will fund this.

10.Bank Balance currently stands at £4924.10

11.Treasure Hunt – has been set by T Bellamy/ S Goodfellow and J Procter. To be a school and community event. To be held on Friday 2nd July from 3.30 pm onwards. To also include the official opening of the new school classroom and The Peace Pole in the community garden. The event will be open to all and will conclude in the school grounds with refreshments and BBQ. Help will be need in the afternoon/ evening to do the refreshments and BBQ. LD – will do a poster/ advertise on Friends of Storth School Facebook page. TB/ SG will order Veggie burgers/ buns/ tea/ coffee/ juice on school food delivery and ask GD to order meat for BBQ. RB/KS – to organise sweets as small prizes for the Treasure Hunt.

12.School Summer Production – Thursday 8th July – PTA to organise and serve refreshments – again volunteers needed to do this. RB to send out a letter/email to ask for Parents to bake cakes for this (remembering we are a nut-free school). Raffle to be organised for this – will need to get some prizes. RB has bought 12 books raffle tickets.

13.Bags2school – Next collection is 8th July.

14.New PTA Committee – all roles on the committee will be up for election in Sept/ Oct 2021. R Thompson – will possibly take on the role of Treasurer, as L Scott will step down after many years of balancing the books!

Thank you all for coming along tonight

Next Meeting – TBC – Likely to be in the next school year Sept/ Oct 2021.

The PTA Team