September 2018

Firstly thank you for believing in her. All the staff at Storth have made such a difference to her. Without your support and dedication she would never have achieved what she has so far. We wish she had moved to Storth earlier, but we are glad we moved her there. We love the way all aspects are treated with equal importance and that all children have the opportunity to excel in something. I know that winning a gold in gymnastics fulfilled one of her dreams so thank you. We will always look back at her years at Storth with great fondness. You have always made her feel wanted. She has grown so much in confidence and seen that hard work gets results so I have no concerns that this will continue at secondary school.

Lovely report to read, enjoyed the quotes and stories. Thank you for all you do to help him grow J absolutely- thanks for keeping him focused…. Which can be a challenge!

I am delighted with her progress this year. It was very frightening for her but from her first visit she said “I want to go to this school” She has loved the variety of activities which have both challenged and rewarded her. This has been her final year of primary education but it is the first year she has been truly understood. Thank you for investing so much time, effort and compassion into allowing her to be herself and achieve her potential.

Love this report Thank you!

It’s great to see him doing so well in all areas. His reading is brilliant now and he enjoys reading longer books at home. He enjoys doing to school which is brilliant, thank you for all your help and support teaching him.

Thank you for teaching our daughter she has grown in confidence and character. She is now less worried about me leaving her. The camps have really helped her with this and we especially appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. We are also grateful for the time you have put into helping with the friendships. I am sure together we will overcome this. Thank you for helping her overcome her mental block over times tables. I am sure that now, she will learn them. I am sure we will find a way to harness her enthusiasm at a more suitable pace.

What a fantastic report! We are so proud of her. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for her over her time in Storth.

A fantastic report for him and very detailed! I’m sure he will miss Storth nad hope his enthusiasm for learning will continue at secondary school. Thank you to everyone who has supported him this year.

Her report was very pleasing. A little concerned about her maths.

We couldn’t be happier with this report. We have watched this independence grow this year and can’t wait to see him continue to thrive in reception. Thank you for all your support.

A lovely personalised report thank you. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Class 1 and has learnt more than we could ever imagine.

Thank you for the report and the positive comments. We feel that he has settled well at school, helped greatly by the teachers and support staff, as well as the other children.

Her report is very good. We still need to overcome her confidence issues.

We are really proud of him and his achievements. Thank you for all your hard work. He has loved primary school and all the opportunities it has given him.

A great report for her. She has come on leaps and bounds this year. She is loving reading and trying really hard to improve her maths.

Thank you for your comments on his development. It made us smile as he loves coming to school, he even asks on a weekend if school is on. We are extremely happy that he will be attending full time in September.

What a fantastic report for him. He has had a great first year and thoroughly enjoys school. We are really pleased that he is thriving and doing so well in all of his subjects. We also find that he is highly motivated to learn, particularly in reading, but requires a little more imaginative, motivating activities with writing. For example leaving written clues for daddy to find him hidden treasure! Thank you for all the staff who work tirelessly to make the school so engaging and stimulating for the children.

Very proud of him. We hope he takes on board your comments and continues to improve. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Many thanks to everyone at Storth school who has helped her. She loves coming to school and we have seen her grow in confidence, especially with maths.

We couldn’t be happier with this report. He is growing in confidence and has thoroughly enjoyed year 1. It is wonderful seeing him thriving at school. Thank you so much for all your support.

We are very pleased with how he has progressed in all aspects of learning. He really enjoys and all aspects of it. The enhancement of his at school is very much appreciated, with many thanks to all the staff……. Good luck for the next 4 years!!

A lovely report which has captured our little man. Thank you for making his transition into nursery a very easy one. Think he wants to move in. Thank you