Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

School Re-opening

As you all are aware, we will be re-opening on Monday, March 8th to all children and will soon be back to some sort of normality.

There will be one or two changes in the school organisation when the children come back! Firstly we will be operating in three very separate bubbles which will be operating quite independently. These will be class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 and will mean that Class 3 has changed its timetable to allow access to the playground at break and lunch for all children.
Drop off time will be from 8:45 am. Please use the main path down to Reception and exit through the car park – a return to the one-way system of before. The “gate gang” will be re-instated too for those children wishing to use the Heron Hall entrance.
Pick up times have also altered;
Children in class 1 can be picked up from 2:55 pm
Children in class 2 can be picked up from 3:05 pm
Children in class 3 can be picked up from 3:15 pm (along with the “gate gang”)
Any siblings can leave together at an earlier time.

Breakfast and after school club will have to be by prior arrangement only for the time being, please. This is in an attempt to keep the mixing of children between bubbles to an absolute minimum. If you require the provision, then please contact the office.

Lunches will also have to be a little different too for the time being. We are as yet not ready for Lunch Shop as the team from Orian were due to get to us on closure day and are not yet able to re-enter schools. In light of this, we will not be able to offer any hot free infant school meals for the rest of this term but will provide a packed lunch for all Reception and Year 1 and 2 children. The rest of the children will have to have packed lunches I’m afraid up until the end of the term. We hope to be up and running for the start of the Summer, but I will keep you informed.

Children can still access the tuck shop (20p per day) and can bring their own hand gels in if they wish, but we would encourage them not to bring in “things” from home!
I sincerely hope that the summer term can be a very different experience for the children. We have lost the pressure of the National Assessment Tests so can already look forward to some pressure-free weeks which will hopefully allow us to get out and about more.

The new classroom is nearing completion – just a splash of plaster, a coat of paint and a carpet and we will be there!! This will allow the schoolroom to breathe and will have an enormous impact on the children and space within the school.

I would like to thank all the staff for working so hard in keeping the school open and in providing home learning opportunities every day. Thanks too to the children for being so positive and to yourselves for being amazingly supportive of the school through this last closure and in supporting and encouraging your children to take part and keep working.
We are all really excited about next Monday and can’t wait to have the school full again and to see all the children back safe and well.

Any questions, then just contact the office. Have a good rest of the week and we will see you all on Monday!