Class 2 Big Sing

The children in Class 2 have been busy learning their songs ready for the KS1 Big Sing. The event takes place at Kendal Town Hall on Tuesday (14th February) afternoon – next week! All of the children will be taken to the Town Hall ready for a 1:00 pm start. Once there, they will run through the performance of Jack and the Beanstalk and perform their own “Castle” song in front of the other schools. The whole afternoon will end with a performance in front of any parents that are free to attend!
If you would like to watch your child perform in the show, then could you be at Kendal Town Hall at 3:30 pm on Tuesday 14th – the event is free! All children can be picked up from the Town Hall, at 4 pm, and make their way home from there. We will transport the children there, but we do need lifts back to school for any children that parents cannot transport. Please let Miss Chant know if you can help with this.
The children will be in school uniform and need a water bottle. School dinners will be as normal on the day.
If you have any questions, then please just get in touch.
Many thanks
Simon Brabant