Great Cumbrae Residential 21st – 23rd September

Camp is only a week and a bit away! We are ready to go and have finalised our numbers and the room allocations, etc. Our activities include the Island Aquarium, team games, orienteering, climbing, a rocky shore exploration, a night walk and investigation, plus bush craft and plenty of fun on the beach! The residential is fully catered, bar the first day’s packed lunch.

The cost of the trip is £150 which will be due by the end of half term (31 October) and I have included a kit list for you plus the obligatory form C for completion (I will also give a paper copy of this tomorrow).

The children will be travelling by minibus, so space is at a premium! Could you please limit the children to one bag – there is no limit on teddies!
If you have any questions, then please feel free to see me or pop into the office at any time.