Forest School for Class 2

As some of you may be aware, I am currently working towards the Level 3 Forest School Qualification, therefore I will now be leading Forest School sessions. We will endeavour to venture into the woods every Friday starting 8th November until the 6th December.

We are going to be using a private field with woodland which is in Storth a short walk from school, the school have used this field in the past for Forest School Sessions. I have risk assessed the site and all activities that we may be undertaking while in the woods.

These early sessions in the woods will focus on helping the children feel comfortable in the woodland setting and establishing routines. We will be looking at how we can be safe in the woods, playing games and discovering the interests of the group so that I can plan some exciting activities for future sessions.

We will be attending the sessions in all weather! (Please see below for Clothing and Weather Advice) I will be providing warm drinks and snacks and shelter for rainy days.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss anything to do with Forest School or these sessions.

Best Wishes,

Sarah Ratcliffe

Clothing and Extreme Weather

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

Children will not be permitted to go to Forest School without appropriate clothing that will protect them from extremes of heat or cold. We will be attending Forest School sessions in all weather unless it is unsafe to do so due to high winds of 25mph or overdetermined by the met office, extreme temperature determined by the met office amber warning or the extreme cold of below 0°C.

Parents need to be aware that their children are likely to take some mud home with them after a Forest School session. Please also bear in mind that in the woods it can often be cooler than expected under the shade of the trees.

Clothing list:

* Waterproof trousers

* Waterproof coat, with a hood.

* Long-sleeved top – fleece/sweatshirt

* Full-length trousers

* Warm boots (wellies can be very cold during the winter)

* Warm Socks, and a spare pair

* Gloves and Woolly hat – Cold weather

* Sun hat: that fits well to ensure good visibility– Sunny weather

* Sun cream should be applied before school. Your child will be directed to apply more as needed