New advice has been given this afternoon from the Government and from County. This is advising us to avoid unnecessary contact with others:

“Take steps to reduce contact with people outside of the school. For example, only essential visitors, stop non-essential out-of-hours meeting/gatherings, postpone school trips. Consider alternatives to parents evenings to share progress.

In school, stop large gatherings unless educationally essential.”

With this in mind, I have contacted Dallam Tower and we have decided to cancel the Dallam Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow. I’m very sorry about this, but we must adhere to the advice we are given.

We are in a state of limbo it seems, but our priority remains the wellbeing of our children and their families. I hope you understand. We still plan a little surprise for the Infant children tomorrow afternoon – but on a reduced scale!

Any questions, then please see me at any time.

Many thanks and best wishes

Simon Brabant