Click here to download the Covid 19 letter    


​I would hope that you all know how Storth CE Primary School works by now! If you have concerns or want to tackle the current issue yourselves – then please just let us know! I am well aware of the current situation and am absolutely sympathetic towards individual family needs.

These are exceptional times and I am totally sympathetic to your wishes and will support any abscence due to the current situation. Communication and honesty are the key! Please – just let me know.

On a more positive note – the infant playground was steam cleaned and disinfected today and looks absolutely fabulous! This means we are back in business and the conservatory entrance is back in use.

I am very, very thankful for your patience and understanding over the last few weeks – but insurance takes time! I think we could all do with some normality – so here is a little bit to keep us all going!!

If you need to talk or have any concerns, then I am always available.

Many thanks and best wishes