Dear Parents,

School swimming lessons begin again on Friday 15th September for Years 5 and 6. All children need to bring a costume, a towel and a plastic bag (for wet clothing). Please bring a hat) – silicon hats are much easier to put on than plastic; please ensure they are not wearing earrings to school on a swimming day If you have any problem sourcing hats something like these may be helpful- especially if your child has long hair.

SwimExpert Adult Unisex Silicone Swim Cap

It is advisable to wear shorts or trousers to school on a swimming day.

We would prefer the boys swim in ‘jammers’ (see below) or ‘trunks’ as these do not cause drag, and therefore make it much easier for them to swim in. They are much less likely to fall down than ‘boardies’ too.

The wearing of goggles has obvious benefits- a barrier against chlorine irritation in the swimming pool water. Goggles are useful for swimmers whose eyes are under the water for a large proportion of the time, as they allow clear rather than blurred vision.

From a practical point of view, goggles can be difficult to fit without leaking, they can cause damage to the eyes unless they are put on and adjusted correctly and they can cause distraction during swimming lessons by general discomfort, misting up, leaking, falling off etc. If you are purchasing goggles new for school swimming please would you consider buying goggles with a nose piece like the first pair that is fixed, and soft on their noses- The second (green and blue pair) might look more adjustable- but the adjustable bridge is often uncomfortable- and children spend the lesson messing with them. Sharing goggles between children can spread eye infections and lastly, they can be expensive and not last for long.

Whilst it is important to learn to cope with water splashing in the eyes and opening their eyes underwater, water confidence is vital and therefore goggles can be very helpful. One of the main aims of school swimming lessons is to equip children for situations in which personal survival is at stake – panic brought on by water in the eyes is something to be avoided.

Please take time to consider these points and if you still feel that if you would like your child to wear goggles, fill in the declaration form below and return it to school.

Swimming Dates

Friday 15th September
Friday 22nd September
Friday 6th October
Friday 13th October
Friday 20th October
Friday 3rd November
Friday 10th November
Friday 17th November
Friday 24th November
Friday 1st December