Class 2 Warm Fuzzy Party

On Monday the last warm fuzzy was firmly and triumphantly placed in the jar!!!!! For those of you who don’t know…a warm fuzzy is a fluffy pom-pom that is added to the jar when someone has done something kind in class 2. Some examples of kindness this term have been giving compliments to adults and peers, helping others in the playground when hurt or upset, offering to cut up food for a friend at lunch time, cheering someone up by reading to them, helping others to tidy up. The enthusiasm and co-operation with this task has been outstanding. It has been lovely to see the children looking for opportunities to be kind. Now that the jar is full the children have been coming up with a whole range of creative and fun ideas for the party. I hear some of these have been shared with you at home. 
After some discussion and then a vote, the party plans are as follows…
Set up the classroom like a cinema
Come to school in pj’s or onesies and bring a teddy (please keep in mind the children will have outside playtime in these clothes)
Watch a film and bring in a sleeping bag or blanket to snuggle under
Eat popcorn, cake and candy floss
Drink slushy ice drinks or hot chocolate
Have a mini disco with dancing competition

This will take place on Wednesday 9th February 2022.
As you can imagine the children are very excited.