Friday 19th March 2021

Class 2 Spring letter

Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you for all the support you have given your children to help them make such a fantastic start back to school last week. It has been lovely to have everyone back in school and see all the children smiling and happy.
Our theme for this half term is ‘Plants and Spring’ and it has been great to see the children have a positive attitude towards learning. We have been reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ in literacy and then watching the BBC episodes from 1988. The lesson always ends on a cliff hanger and the children are extremely engaged and engrossed. They have all enjoyed trying Turkish Delight. Maths has involved addition, subtraction and fractions. In science, we have planted sunflower seeds and seeds in different places to test what conditions seeds like best to grow.
Now we have been back for a week I have a few requests, please can you ensure:
• the safe return of your child’s Wednesday challenge books to school, although I will not be setting any work this half term, it will allow me to get them ready for after Easter
• your child brings their book bags every day with their ‘Big Spelling books,’ reading records and books inside
• your child brings a named water bottle every day
The children have all contributed towards getting the final warm fuzzy (a pom pom that rewards acts of kindness) in the jar before lockdown. They have been thinking of ways to celebrate this achievement. On Friday 26th March we are going to have a Class 2 party. The children have thought of games and activities they would like to do and have chosen to come in their own clothes.
Kind regards,
Sonya Robinson