Class 1 and 2 Homeschooling Arrangements for Spring 2021


I hope you are well and have had a nice Christmas. I am currently working from home and Mrs Ireland and Mrs Bellamy are in school teaching class 1 and 2. Miss Morgan and I will be swapping over on Monday 18th January.

Here is the plan for the children in class 2 who are home-schooling for the future weeks. The children at home will be accessing similar work to the children in school. Every morning before 9.30 am I will send the links to an English and Maths clip. The aim is for the activities to be simple and fun for the children. When work is complete please take a picture of it and email it to me. If you send any videos please limit them to under two minutes for IT reasons. I will then be able to provide written feedback to your child. If you require any help throughout the day please email and I will respond as soon as I can. As and when other subjects are taught these will also be shared with you.

This morning IDL accounts were created for the remaining children in Year 1 so that everyone can now access this great reading and spelling program. Many of you are familiar with how IDL works, for those of you who aren’t…this programme was made for children with dyslexia, however, we find it useful for all children. The program uses sight, sound, touch and voice to improve reading and spelling skills. It tracks the speed of the child’s response and accuracy and adjusts the settings accordingly. For children using it for the first time, they will need some help to sign in and follow the instructions. Once they’ve been on it a few times they should be able to work independently on a computer or tablet.

Login details;
Username: (your child’s name)@la77ja eg Josh@la77ja
Password: (your child’s name) eg Josh
As well as completing the Maths and English task, please can your child read for 10 minutes each morning and go on IDL for 10 minutes.

If you require any more reading books, paper or exercise books please let me know. I will try phoning you and your child next week to make contact and see how things are going.