Wednesday morning

Another very peaceful night! The children had to be woken up for their breakfast but made the most of it when they got down. All are well but all are very tired. 
This morning there was a mass football match Storth v the other schools! It was a physical encounter (some tough Durham children here) with lots of tustles and dodgy tackles; but ended as a draw. Good fun
The activities today have included fencing, low ropes, obstacle course, filming and vivid making. The children are very enthusiastic and the weather still kind. Disco outfits are airing in anticipation of this evening….
More later

Tuesday evening

The end to another truly fabulous day! It’s all so quiet, it’s all so still….. let’s hope it doesn’t build into another big riot….well not tonight at least! All the children are exhausted and have drifted off quite easily (so far) into a deep sleep it seems. We’ve had a plethora of lost then found water bottles, socks, teddies and clothes’ but we are coasting along quite nicely.
Before our tea of burgers, hot dogs or chicken kebabs, followed by bubble gum iced lollies, we had another activity. Some went off to the obstacle course; some to the volleyball court; some to some good old fashioned fencing and some to make a film based around creative writing – a little different to the norm, but the children absolutely loved making the films.
Just after our tea the heavens well and truly opened with a good 30 minutes of biblical rain making the volley ball court unplayable and our drying waterproofs after raft building not quite so dry. But the show must go on and so another round of the obstacle course, film making, fencing and the low ropes went ahead. The obstacle course was particularly entertaining with a good few inches of rain water making it much more jolly!
When the last activity ends we usually come in and the children shower (well some of the girls do) then have some time to prep for the talent show on Thursday – a particular highlight. A get together follows where we talk about the day and run through tomorrow’s activities and talk about anything that has happened. Today it was the fact the chef told myself and Mrs. Goodfellow how polite your children are by always saying please and thankyou – a really nice thing to hear. We usually end with the big news – what time we are having breakfast – 7:30 tomorrow! The children then settle down to bed and drift off to sleep when they are ready or we suggest they do.
Another full day tomorrow including an afternoon on the lake as one big group and the disco!!
Longest day tomorrow – one member of staff is celebrating by going for a 4:30am run to see in the sunrise. I wonder whom that may be….???
The children all remain very happy (the Facebook pictures should show that) and having the best time it seems, not only getting on as a whole big group, but also helping each other if there are any little problems. We are half way tomorrow lunch time so they can start counting down to Friday!!
More soon

Tuesday morning

Sorry for the delay – being in the wilds of Scotland this far North is playing havoc with the wi-fi and it drifts in and out like the children’s sleep!!
They all arose at around 6:00 – some a little earlier – and had to fill their time as best they could. All slept really well which was brilliant, just a little longer tomorrow would be even better!
We had a full Scottish breakfast then it was activity time. Some went climbing; some went crate stacking and some tested their initiative before swapping over and completing more – including volleyball. Lunch time came – massive filled baguettes and tortillas – then it was back to the fun. The children have huge appetites, even the more particular amongst us….
We have just created some rafts and had fun in the lake – lots of water games and splashing; whilst some have been abseiling and tackling the obstacle course. They are having a break now before our fourth activity of the day.
The children are in excellent spirits and are having fun. They’ve been far too busy to be missing you all too much and have got three more packed days ahead. The weather is being very kind and things are going smoothly!!! Fingers crossed…..


Monday evening

Well, the day is almost over and the children are all fast asleep at last!
It’s been quite the day but it’s also been a brilliant day too. The children are amazing and seem to be having the best of times in a fabulous location.
We had our dinner – veggie pasty, steak bake or gammon followed by waffles – then played outside in the extensive grounds climbing trees, dancing or playing tag, and that was just the staff…
Our evening activity was either crate stacking, volley ball or raft building. The rafts were particularly good as they all got to spend a lot of time in the water. They were very cold but really happy! We sorted the clothes out – plenty of un-named stuff – into the drying room before some tried the showers and the rest got ready for bed. All is now quiet, I think!
We have a fun packed day tomorrow so sleep is essential. The children are all fine and will be sure to be missing you, but are still too excited to worry! Don’t worry about them. 
More tomorrow 

Monday afternoon

Well -we have arrived!! A memorable coach ride was topped by some travel sickness less than one minute from the centre!!
Despite the last-minute drama, the children were massively excited to be in Scotland (?) and at the centre. Some lovely instructors took the children to the dorms and then it was fire drill and the first activities.
Some are climbing; some are stacking crates and some are using their initiative in a team challenge. We are breaking for some free time before tea.
All the children are so excited -it’s great to see and very noisy. The sun is out and all is good -so far….
More later