Dance Platform at the Brewery

Class 4 will be performing at the Brewery in Kendal on Thursday 21st March.

The children will be leaving school at around 2:30 pm to arrive at the Brewery for a 3:00 pm practice. This will last until 5:30 and then the children are free to leave the Brewery for a bite to eat and a break. Mrs Goodfellow and I will be staying at the Brewery throughout, so if you have no other option, then please just send them in with some extra food and we will supervise. Children need to be back by 6:30 pm ready for the 7:00 pm start. The whole event is due to finish at around 8:15 pm. Could I ask that you collect your child from Kendal at this time if you are not attending the performance.

Please be aware – if you are not watching the performance please allow extra travelling time or come a little earlier as the road from Levens to Kendal closes at 8:00 pm that night.

The children need to bring their costumes into school as soon as possible please and we will store them here and take them on the day. Suggestions for the costumes have been given by Mrs Goodfellow, so please just contact her if you have any questions.

If any parents are available to help transport the children to the Brewery on Monday afternoon, please could you let me know – there is no obligation to stay it would simply be a lift into Kendal.

Please don’t hesitate to see me or Mrs Goodfellow if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Simon Brabant

Schedule for the Performance day
3:15pm All Arrive at Brewery Arts
Sign in with Brewery Staff in the Malt Room.
Young people get dressed in costume, have a toilet visit and wait to be called to the auditorium.
3.30 – 5pm (approx.) Technical/Dress rehearsals all in theatre
This is an opportunity for your group to get used to the stage space and ‘block’ their dance in the space. Your group will then run your dance once with sound and lights. This is a great opportunity to share your dance with the other schools and support each other. Tech rehearsals do sometimes run over as we want to make sure that all involved are comfortable and confident using the stage.
5.30 – 6.30pm (approx.) Tea break
We encourage you to ask parents to collect young people during this time (to allow teachers to have a break). However, your group may stay in the Malt Room, or sit on the grass outside if it is a nice day, to eat (picnic tea), if they are supervised by you.
6.30 –6.50pm Warm up in the Malt Room for all performers
Please encourage all your children to join in the warm up as it is a great way to focus the performers and unite together.
7 – 8pm (approx.) Main performance in the Theatre
Groups held in Malt Room whilst waiting to perform.
8.15pm (approx.) Departure
Schools hand over their young people to the parents in the Malt Room.