Educational Visits Policy

Dated: February 2013

The school acknowledges that students can derive immense educational benefit by taking part in off-site visits. The knowledge and experienced gained beyond the classroom can consolidate and extend the taught curriculum within it. This policy seeks to establish a framework from which students can benefit in a safe, healthy and secure environment.An Off-site Visit is defined as pupils going ‘beyond the school gates’ to pursue an activity organised through the school.

Activities may take place during, beforeor after the school day, at weekends or in school holidays and will be educational, curricular or recreational based. All off-site visits must have an educational purpose and pre-determined clear educational objectives. All participants in activities will be identified as group members associated with the school.The school policy recognises that every student should have full access to each visit that is appropriate to their classor Year group, regardless of their abilities, therefore, developing further ‘the whole child’.

The EVCCoordinator is responsible for this policy and procedures for dealing with occasions when groups are engaged on an official visit or journey. Thispolicy and procedures correspond with the Cumbria County Council Guidance, systems and processes for supporting and monitoring “Learning Outside the Classroom” (LOtC) activities

Each member of staff has been made aware that it is a legal expectation that employees must work within the requirements of their employer’s guidance. Cumbria Childrens Services employees must follow the requirements of the “Employer Guidance” (EG) on the website:

The purpose of the visit must be clearly defined and be of educational value.

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