Thursday 14th January

Today we will be finishing off subtraction in maths. The maths lesson is here: and the work has been emailed.

Some of you will be pleased to hear that we are finishing Shakespeare this week! You will be rewriting a scene today and the explanation and starter is here:

There are some indoor/at home PE lessons for each year group, these have been added to Teams in the Class Notebook area for each class. Have a look and read the explanation and have some fun! Get your parents involved…!

Finally, Mrs Goodfellow has recorded a master class on how to use Teams:
Go through the steps and set it all up and TOMORROW AT 9:30 WE WILL HAVE A WHOLE CLASS TEAMS MEETING!
I will send another reminder out tomorrow.

Have fun and we’ll see you tomorrow!


January 13th

Please find the maths lesson on subtraction here:

Year 6 it’s another day on BIDMAS.

The literacy is found on the attachments, (please see email).  We are getting ready to re-write a scene from a play in an understandable way!

Mrs Wilson has created an Art challenge for you all to try – attached.

Have fun and send in any work.



Jan 12th


Today we are continuing with the maths from yesterday – Year 6 a foray into BIDMAS! The lesson is here:

The work is attached above.

In literacy today can you look at the PowerPoint on adverbials. Now can you re-write your speech between the friar and Juliet from yesterday as a normal story, but using adverbials to help your writing “flow”. Please send in your stories.

In preparation for next week when you will be re-writing your own version of a Shakespeare play; can you read the comic strip of Macbeth (above) and watch the “rap” version of the play here:

If you like, you could watch another version of Macbeth or another Shakespeare play. Simply search for Shakespeare animated tales and see what takes your fancy.

Mrs Buchanan has set you a task as part of our topic work on contrasting localities. It can be found here:

Instructions on the Tuesday topic are included above.

More tomorrow
Mr Brabant

Monday 11th January


I hope you enjoyed the snow! Back to work time now:

Maths starter: Take the number 32 Now:
Write it in words, add 5 more, 20 less, add 25, round to the nearest 10, odd or even, complete the pattern – add 3 32,….,….,….
List its factors, divisible by 10? half it.

The maths lesson is here: and the work is attached.

Literacy is attached above and Mrs Goodfellow has an introduction to her science lesson here:

The work is all attached above.

Have a good day and there will be more tomorrow.


Friday 8th January

Firstly – thank you to everyone who has sent stuff into me. It is great to see, and the standard is excellent! Everything is being printed off and will be displayed/marked for you to see when we all get back together. There will be an art wall soon and we will share this with you all too.

Today’s work for maths and Mrs Fullers Spanish can be found here: and the corresponding maths sheets are attached to this message. The link for the Spanish work is here:

Mrs Barkway has set some music work on Charanga YUMU. It looks great fun and we will be watching the concert this afternoon in class.
I have attached your Charanga passwords again and Mrs Barkways work is also attached.

Thanks for taking part this week and there will be more on Monday. Have a great weekend!!



Thursday 7th January

Work for today is as follows:

Please look at this youtube link for maths (Y3 and Y4 work is attached).

The literacy and RE for today are attached too.- (Please see email)

Mrs Wilson has set you an Art challenge which can be seen here:

Those in class did this yesterday and their Artwork is here:

Tomorrow will be a “normal” Friday with Spanish and Music. Thanks for sending your work in – some really great mythical creatures!


Wednesday 6th January

Please find below a link to Youtube where you can find the introduction to your maths lesson today. We are looking at place value and number this week. Please check your school emails for the work set. . If you fancy a challenge, then look at the year group above and have a go at their work!

There is also an art challenge set by Mrs Wilson. If you photograph any finished work, you can email it back to me and Mrs Wilson can take a look.

Youtube link:

In literacy, we are starting a block on Shakespeare. Above you will find the lesson we will be covering today in class. Have a go and look at the links. Again, finished work can be sent back if you like.

As ever – please read every day and look at you x3 tables this week

There will be another day of lessons tomorrow.


Download the Class 3 Curriculum Plan >

We are currently in Cycle C

Class 3 is currently where the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children are taught. Mr Brabant, Mrs Goodfellow, Mrs Wilson, and Mrs Buchanan are (sometimes) in control of this very vibrant and happening class of Juniors.
Obviously, SATS is the key goal for Year 6 children, but we do have lots of fun!

Every year the class takes part in two residentials – one in September to Glenridding and the other in the summer to either York, the Lake District, Scotland or Berwick.

The children take part in Forest School activities each half term. The children also travel to sporting events across the county and have visited the climbing wall, Kendal, swimming at Carnforth – as well as archery and caving.

We are very happy to have visitors into our class to help with music, art or topic work- and like to showcase our talents at any opportunity! Please feel free to drop in and see us at any time!
The Class 3 team.