Tree Dressing Day


This year Storth School will be dressing a tree in the School Community Garden for Tree Dressing Day on the 6th December.
We will start ‘dressing’ the week beginning 30th November.

Trees have long been celebrated for their spiritual significance. Tree dressing is based on many old customs and stories from all over the world; it is a powerful way to express our relationship with trees.
It is a chance for our community to celebrate the trees that make our lovely village and surrounding area so special and for us to reflect on the unique and important role that trees have had here and what the future may hold.

Children in school will be asked to make something to hang or tie onto the tree. These may hold a special significance for each child or simply something in celebration of our trees. We would love to hear about local folklore or customs related to trees in our area and how our local woodlands have been used over the years.

This celebration is open to everyone if you would like to place something on the tree we just ask that you place it on the tree out of school hours and that you observe social distancing rules, please. Please collect your decoration, if wanted, by the following weekend as we will remove all decorations to prevent damage to the tree.

If you have any information on our local trees and woodlands please email: or pop it through our school letterbox.