School Re-Opening 

As you know, primary schools will be re-opening next week to all children as we get back to some sort of normality. The staff have met this morning to discuss how we are to do this and we are confident that the school will operate as it should and the children will soon be back into the swing of things. There will be a few differences to the start and end of the day, but hopefully, the routine will soon become normal.


As to how the school will run, we have decided that the school will operate much as it did from June 1st but with separate infant and junior bubbles. Class 1 and Class 2 will remain separate for the mornings but then join as usual in the afternoons. Class 3 will remain independent of the rest! We cannot keep the children from mixing but will endeavour to ensure the children maintain high levels of personal hygiene through handwashing and through the sanitising of classrooms, equipment, etc.

Please could you make sure your children leave all their pencil cases and toys at home for the time being and all children will need a water bottle as the drinking fountains are out of action. These will need to be cleaned at the end of each day. The children can bring back books they may have had at home and their bags, reading folders, PE kit and packed lunches. School uniform should also be worn! Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to come into school, but I will be on hand in the mornings to answer any questions you may have!

Drop off times: There is currently a one-way system in operation for parents and children to use at the start and end of the day. In the morning could all children that are using the main school entrance please come down the path and then go straight onto the playground – parents can then leave through the staff car park. Those wishing to use the Heron Hall entrance are very welcome to do so. A member of staff will be on the Heron Hall gate and will ensure your children walk along the running track onto the playground. This means that parents do not need to come onto the school grounds and can go straight back to their cars or walk home. School gates will be open at 8:45 am and the children will be allowed into school at 9 am.


Pick up times: In an effort to reduce crowding at home time, we will be staggering the times when the children can leave school. Could all infant children wherever possible please be picked up at 3:05 pm. Parents can queue along the path into school and your child/ren will be sent out to you. You can then leave school via the car park or Heron Hall gate. If you have children in both the infants and juniors, then all can leave together. Junior children can be picked up at 3:15 pm under the same queuing and one-way system.


I appreciate this will not work for everyone and if there are any problems with times, then please just let me know!


School lunches: The free universal infant school meals will recommence from Wednesday 2nd September for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. General hot school meals will start on Monday 7th September, menus will be provided next week. Could all children in Nursery and Years 3,4,5,6 please bring in a packed lunch for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week. This will give the Ship a little time to get to grips with the new guidelines. Please remember we are NUT-FREE!


Breakfast and after school club: Breakfast club will resume from Wednesday 2nd September from 7:45 am and after school club will also resume on Wednesday, running until 5:15 pm. Please let me know if you need breakfast or after school club and on which days.


I appreciate this is an awful lot of information and we are never usually this formal, but if we can get the school working as it should without any mishaps, then we will be so much closer to getting back to normal!!


As ever – if you have any questions or concerns then please email or phone school