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Here are the comments from end of year reports 2017.

Parents Comments Sept 2017

Thank you for her report- it’s clear you know her very well! We are thrilled to have the happy, confident daughter we used to know back, and that is down to Storth School and everyone who has worked with her. She loves coming to school and is full of enthusiasm about the work she has done. She has really blossomed since January and we can’t thank you enough for the care, patience and understanding you have all shown towards her.

Thank you for welcoming … into the school, it’s like he’s always been there. He always looks forward to coming. It’s great to see him doing so well at all subjects. He loves reading now too and we will help him with his handwriting through the summer.

We are very grateful that … has been looked after so very carefully since he transferred to Storth in the spring, and we appreciate all the hard work which has been put into helping him settle. We are particularly impressed by the way in which technical and artistic aptitude are valued at Storth, and the fact that children are praised and recognised for their abilities in these fields.

A great school report. He has really enjoyed his reception year. He has grown in confidence and we’re really pleased with how he has progressed with phonics, maths and writing. Thank you Mrs Ireland and her team!

She has really enjoyed her time, so far, at Storth. She always has something to tell us when she comes home. You have stimulated her, encouraged and challenged her. Thank you for all you have done to make her move to Storth a success. She is looking forward to the next year.

It is wonderful to see how she has responded to positive support from all of her teachers. She is much more confident and happy at Storth. Thank you for making us all feel so welcome at Storth. She has done some amazing things we never thought she would i.e. Brewery stage performances.

A super report! We have seen her blossom over recent months and develop a love of learning and exploration. We are looking forward to seeing this continue next year. Thank you for all your care and hard work with her.

A lovely first school report.

He loves school and has settled in really well.

Very proud of him! Thank you so much for everything you all do- you make education fun.

A fantastic report, and one that he should be very proud of. It certainly made me very proud of him. It was great to see how his work has progressed over the course of the year, and he ultimately was rewarded with his SATS results. I know he worked hard on revising for them and hopefully, seeing the results himself will stand him in good stead as he starts secondary school.

Very pleased and happy with this report.

We are so pleased that he is doing so well and working hard in class. Thank you for the detailed report. We will keep working on the times tables.

Thank you for your hard work and extra effort. We can’t recommend the school highly enough.

What a fantastic report. We are very pleased with the progress she is making and the confidence she is gaining. Thank you for all your hard work.

We are so pleased with this report. It was a joy to read how well he has come on over the year, and how his confidence has grown.

We are so pleased with this report He has come so far since he started at Storth. I look forward to seeing how he gets on next year. Thank you for all the time spent with him- always calm and positive.

Thank you for a super report. She could not be happier. I know she’s very much looking forward to reception. Thanks to all the staff for everything you do for the pupils, especially those in Class 1 whom she adores.

We are pleased that he is doing so well and working hard in class. Thank you for the detailed report. We will keep working on times tables.

We are so pleased with his report. It was a joy to read how well he has come on over this year and how his confidence has grown. Thank you for all your support.

Thank you for this report. We are really pleased with how well she has settled into Storth School and can see that she will continue to flourish under your care.

Thank you for the care and patience you have shown. She loves coming to school and is very excited about becoming a Year 3.

We are pleased with his performance. He still struggles with his times tables and over the summer holidays we are going to try and improve this, we have set out some rewards, to encourage him to improve.

We are very pleased with his report. He keeps asking if he can go into school every day! Let’s hope he wants to in September.

William seems to really enjoy his days at Nursery and is always keen to tell us all about it when he gets home.

We have really enjoyed reading his report. We can’t believe that he is quiet! He enjoys school and seems to have a great mixture of friends.

We are really pleased with his report. He has had another good year at school. Thanks to you all.

This is a fantastic report, thank you!

She always goes to bed happy when she knows she has school the next day. I hope this continues throughout her time at Storth School.

She continues to impress me with her reading, writing and maths. I am so glad she likes reading as I feel it is great for her imagination. She is always full of great ideas and I thought the one about the school having micro pigs was a particular favourite of mine. :-]

I have also found that she doesn’t like making mistakes and sometimes gets embarrassed about them. I have reassured her that it’s ok to make mistakes as its part of learning.

He is always full of stories about his day at school. He tells me how much he loves playing outside.

A great report. Thanks for all your hard work with her this year.

I believe he has enjoyed his time at Storth, and personally I am very happy that he and his sister spent their primary education there. The school has a good reputation when I was young and continues to do so, and some!!!!

A great report, he has found school work difficult this year but thanks to the staff and his friends he has never stopped enjoying coming to school. Hopefully we will see his confidence increasing next year. Many thanks.

Lovely report, he has settled well into school life wonderfully. Thank you.

Lovely report, its credit to her and the support she has had throughout school.

Thanks for the kind words he has loved school as have we. A caring and fun place to be.

A good report, we are happy with his progress.

Thank you so much for all hard work with her over the past 2 years. She’s made so much progress in every way and we’re delighted with her report. It’s a testament to the security and confidence you have given her, enabling her to do her best.

Thank you so much for your hard work and extra effort. We can’t recommend the school highly enough.

What a fantastic report. We are very pleased with the progress she is making and the confidence she is gaining. Thank you for all your hard work.

(Nov 2016)


How happy are you how well your child is taught at school?


$1·        Could not ask for more. The teachers make learning fun. My little boy wants to learn.


$1·        We can see how well our child has been taught- by the systematic way they approach English and Maths in everyday life.


$1·        His reading and maths is really improving.


$1·        My daughter loves Storth School.


How happy are you with our curriculum?


$1·        The curriculum at Storth is broader than most schools and encompasses most children.


$1·        Lots of variety in the curriculum with the enrichment activities that complement the core curriculum.


$1·        Way beyond! The school does so much with the children.


Are you happy that you could talk to the staff if there were any issues concerning your child/ren? Are they approachable?


$1·        Very approachable.


$1·        Everyone listens and reflects, is approachable and friendly- never met any defensiveness or irritation.


$1·        Staff are very approachable and always do their best to tackle/ advise on any issues.


$1·        All teachers are open and approachable.


$1·        All staff in the school have an open door policy and are always happy to listen.


$1·        Very much so. Always feel great support and communication from all staff.


$1·        More than happy. Incredibly approachable. Lovely having a headmaster who greets you every morning.


Do you feel there is enough feedback on your child's progress? E.g. Individual files, parents evenings, reports etc.?


$1·        Again always communicating and always are up to date with everything.


$1·        Feedback is amazing and very supportive.


$1·        Yes. Teachers always available. Regular parent’s evenings.


Are you happy with your child's individual learning and the progress they are making?


$1·        “Happy children learn well”


$1·        Yes- he is making great progress and is enjoying learning.


$1·        The support and encouragement our children have been given has really boosted their confidence and helped them develop as individuals.


$1·        Very.


How happy are you with the way the school has responded to any concerns you may have had?


$1·        All concerns have been addressed and monitored. Updates have been provided and given us confidence that appropriate action has been taken.


$1·        Very helpful.


$1·        With all issues concerning….. Have always been addressed.


$1·        No concerns raised therefore N/A


$1·        Not had any.


How happy are you that the school has high expectations of the behaviour of our pupils?


$1·        It’s such a natural, happy school.


$1·        The behaviour of pupils at Storth School is excellent, there is a real sense of community and caring for each other.


$1·        The children are well mannered and polite.


$1·        This reflects our own views and is welcomed.


Are you happy with the meals/ menu we provide? If not what can we improve?


$1·        Excellent food.


$1·        We are always hearing how “yummy” school dinners are.


$1·        Little variety week to week, but generally fine.


$1·        Brilliant!


$1·        Lots of other schools have 2 options, Storth just has 1, an alternative should be offered, for example sandwich or JP


$1·        Would like the option to have school meals everyday not just a Friday especially during the winter months when it’s cold outside a hot meal would be appreciated.


$1·        Meals are good although quite a few regulars on the menu that mine won't eat. No fault of the school.


Are you happy with the facilities at school? If no please state why?


$1·        The outdoor area is great.


$1·        For such a small school the variety of facilities are fantastic.


$1·        Well-equipped school, lots going on.


Are you happy with the range of clubs that have been offered during the last year?


$1·        There is something for everyone!


$1·        Good choice for juniors this term. Not as much for infants to do.


$1·        We’ve not really used any of the clubs yet.


$1·        Our children have enjoyed a variety of clubs and have been pleased that they have had a say in what clubs are offered.


Are you happy with educational visits that have taken place in the last year?


$1·        Excellent.


$1·        My daughter really enjoyed the visits last year.


$1·        Really excellent range of trips.


$1·        The school runs a lot of visits which provide a fun and engaging way to learn.


$1·        No concerns.


$1·        More than happy, I think Storth School have fantastic opportunities to take children on educational visits.


Do you feel your child is safe and secure at school?


$1·        The atmosphere at school is very safe, welcoming and supportive.


$1·        Our children always feel safe and enjoying going to school.


$1·        Our child sees school as a safe, happy place. What more could we ask for?


Our Christian Values are Respect, Thankfulness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Service, Justice, Courage, Perseverance, Generosity, Truthfulness, Friendship and Trust. Do you feel we uphold these Values?


$1·        My son told me all about his lesson on trust, it was lovely.


$1·        Staff lead by example. Older pupils foster caring relationships with younger children, reinforcing the schools Christian values in how they promote good relationships and attitudes to learning.


$1·        The caring and compassionate atmosphere radiates throughout the school.


The Fundamental British Values are democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for all and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. Do you feel we uphold these Values?


$1·        Unable to comment, but my child has encountered some diversity issues in school and has returned home with a positive and respectful outlook.


$1·        From what I can see, the children are naturally acceptance of anything or one whom is different to themselves. Thanks to the school!!


Further comments


$1·        We could not be happier!! Amazing school such a happy, creative, caring atmosphere. The teachers are approachable, and as said previously to see Mr Brabant in the morning is just brilliant, always has time to listen, he knows all the children and is a generally brilliant headmaster. The children run into school and come out smiling and talking about their exciting day. The older ones look after the younger ones, they don't have to be told to do it, it’s just natural. The volunteers Jenny, Mrs Capper again brilliant. Do you think I like this school?


$1·        Storth School is a unique and special place where every child is valued as an individual. Children learn, grow, and develop in every aspect of the meaning in a safe, secure, supportive environment. I would not wish to have my child at any other school.


$1·        Thank you for providing such a kind, caring, thoughtful and positive school ethos, valuing everyone.


$1·        My son started September and loves it. It has a great community/ family feel to it which he really needs and is helping him no end.


$1·        This is a fantastic school and we are really pleased that our daughter attends such a wonderful school.


$1·        I would just like to say the Head and Teachers are all excellent, they are making Storth a very enjoyable place, where the children always come home saying what a great day they have had, none of my children have had problems at school and enjoy going.


$1·        This is a fantastic school and we are really pleased that our daughter attends such a wonderful school.


$1·        I am very impressed with Storth School. Everyone is friendly and helpful. My daughter loves to go school.


$1·        Extremely happy with all aspects of Storth School. My children love coming into school and joining in all the activities provided. They also enjoy breakfast club and after school club. All members of Storth School are approachable and friendly and always make time to discuss any concerns (if any) with you. My children arrive at school with smiles on their faces, looking forward to the day of learning and fun ahead of them.


$1·         Excellent, friendly, supportive and nurturing environment. Very happy.



Here are the comments from our  feedback questionnaire sent to all our parents last autumn.

(Oct 2015)

School is a relaxed and happy place, the boys look forward to coming every day.

All staff are approachable.

Very happy, considering we are a very small school, there are many good facilities at Storth that other schools in the area don’t provide.

My boys are very happy with the visits.

My boys love coming to school every morning, which I think means a lot, there is never a bad word said! Fantastic Teachers/ Staff/ Pupils.

All the staff are friendly & approachable. Always make time to talk to you about any issues/ concerns that you have.

The visits and outdoor education has helped children gain confidence, created bonds & friendships with other children and developed experience & knowledge about things outside of the classroom.

I have not had any concerns.

Excellent, my kids have loved all the school trips & they make learning more exciting.

Just a big thank you for all you do. Storth is a happy caring and approachable place to send my child.


Class 1 held an assembly to demonstrate everything they had learnt from their topic on ‘Air and Space’


A super Class 1 assembly.  So lovely to see all the children so actively involved. Fantastic!



The presentation was excellent and we really enjoyed it very much as did the children.



I thought it was very interesting; all the children were involved and looked like they enjoyed it.



Excellent organisation for the little ones.



Great assembly lovely to see all Class 1’s hard work.



Very well done on your ‘Air and Space’ assembly Class 1.



Well done Class, a very informative and fun assembly Really enjoyed it.



 Lots of information, good to see all the children playing a part.



I enjoyed the variety of facts, music and dance helping to make the assembly informative and entertaining.





Some of the feedback from parents and friends of the school about our recent Harvest Assembly:



Great Fun Assembly!


Another great show the children were great and J…. really loved the cakes!


I really enjoyed the Harvest Festival. Thank you all it was lovely.


The children were fabulous….. as always. Such a lot of effort went into a wonderful assembly J


Fantastic assembly! We've heard the tunes round the house all week lovely.



Please read the comments below from report comments written by nursery parents:


We are so proud of ……. It is so lovely to leave him every day knowing he is with such a happy, caring bunch of people. We love seeing him interact with the older ones especially Alice in Wonderland which was just brilliant!!!



 Defiantly made the right choice- many thanks to everyone you do a great job.



 ……. Loves coming to nursery and has really grown in confidence during this term. We look forward to many more happy years at Storth.


Thank you.


 We really appreciate feedback on the school and parents opinion and views on the quality of care and education the children are given. These are a few of the comments written by the parents.

The questions are written in black- the responses are below in bold.



To the question are you happy with the way the school has responded to any concerns you may have had.



Not had any, but feel all staff are approachable.




All staff are very approachable, welcoming and understanding.




How happy are you with our curriculum?



Forest schools is wonderful as the chance for discovery and learning in the outdoor environment is very important for the holistic development of every child.