Click here to download the poster for the Primary jubilee theme day poster 2022 27 May

Jubilee Party and Colour Run

We are planning to have a Jubilee Picnic on Friday 27th May.  Lunch Shop, our school meals provider, has produced a special picnic menu for you to order if you so wish.  The poster is attached.  Alternatively, just send your child with a packed lunch.  We plan to set up tables outside in the playground for the whole school (weather permitting!!).

Please would you send your children in red, white and/ or blue clothing if possible for the day’s celebrations? If your child is participating in the ‘Rainbow Run’ in the afternoon, please could you ensure they have trainers and a change of clothing appropriate for running in, and goggles to protect their eyes from dust. The ‘colour’ is harmless cornflour- but it is still a good idea to not get it in your eyes wherever possible.

On Friday, there will also be a BBQ at school, from 3 pm, to encourage new families to join the PTA, with a voluntary contribution of £1./ burger or £1/ sausage, and cakes baked by staff, to introduce a new Friday raffle initiative…

Each Friday a member of staff will bring in baked produce to be raffled at the end of the day. From September we hope to create a parent rota for the baking. Tickets will be 50 pence each.

If anyone has bunting, flags or jubilee related decorations we could borrow please let us know.